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Parent ProTech helps families navigate technology to keep children and youth safe.

Do you know what children are exposed to online?

500,000 Online Predators

9 Hours/Day Average Screen Time for Teens

The average age for a child to view porn is 11 years old

Unfamiliar with what platforms children spend their time on? Where does a parent go for help understanding technology and digital threats?

You come here!

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“I appreciate how Parent ProTech makes understanding the capabilities of platforms simple instead of scary. Parent ProTech does this by sharing how to use the parental controls available to promote trust and safety online while providing strategies to minimize the majority of threats. Parent ProTech is a must-have tool for parents with children going online.”

Matthew Murrie


“This is the area in parenting where we felt the least competent, and in this new day and age, it is probably one of the most important areas to be skilled at. I now recommend Parent Protech to my friends, extended family members, and list it as a resource in my book Bridges Not Barriers -- a guide for parents of tweens and teens.”

Carol Moore

Parent & Author

"When we first got our son's iPhone, we were excited for him to have a way to stay in touch with us and his friends. We never thought that we would need to worry about him accessing explicit content, being bullied, or being approached by drug dealers on Snapchat. Parent ProTech has been a lifesaver for us. With the lessons and resources they provide, we have been able to keep our son safe and help him navigate the online world."

Jennifer Bradley



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