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Welcome to Parent ProTech

As a parent, knowing how to navigate the online world your child is immersed in is vital. Things are always changing, and they change very fast.

Keeping up with the constant stream of trends and new apps can be incredibly overwhelming, however. Just when you feel like you are beginning to understand how one app works, there’s a new update or an entirely new app that is all the rage.

And don’t even get us started on figuring out how to grasp the world of gaming, gaming consoles and the innumerable video games that are readily available at the press of a button.

It can be easy to throw your hands in the air, but did you know that many doctors who work with children say one of the most dangerous things a child can be exposed to is unrestricted access to any device?

When it comes to a child’s time online, while gaming or watching tv on streaming platforms, safety first should be the number one priority for parents.

What is Parent ProTech?

At Parent ProTech, our goal is to help you gain the knowledge and tools you need to navigate technology to protect your child from the unknown lurking online.

The lessons provided on our website are quick and simple, curated to help anyone learn how to navigate today’s apps with ease and set up safeguards to ensure your child’s safety.

In order to stay up to date on the ever-changing online trends and app updates, lessons are released every other week to keep you in the know.

We understand the importance of an innocent childhood. Our mission at Parent ProTech is to help you give your child a safe and happy childhood while eliminating their chance of exposure to dangerous or inappropriate material online. We want to support you as a parent by giving you what you need to monitor your child’s online activity while staying up to date on apps and trends.

These lessons are also created for both parents and schools and can be used in a variety of different ways. You can select which lessons you use based on which apps and platforms your child uses.

Why Parent ProTech?

There are a staggering amount of messages being pushed at children through their screens on a daily basis, and sadly, many of these messages, videos, and images are harmful.

It is reported that 50% of children have their own social media profiles by the time they are 12 years old, and many parents don’t realize that pornographic content can be only two clicks away in many popular apps. Over 94% of children will be exposed to pornographic content by the age of 14.

Pornography isn’t the only issue. Other major concerns are predators targeting children online, explicit music and ads, violent content, drug/alcohol content, explicit language, cyberbullying and more.

When you enroll with Parent ProTech, you are taking proactive steps to protect your children from dangers online while opening up a conversation with them about responsible online usage and behavior, while ensuring there are no loopholes for children to uncover.

We do the hard work and incorporate what you need to know in our easy to use, easy to understand and easily digestible lessons. We want to team up with you to provide your child with a safe and innocent childhood free from exposure to harmful material online.

Our Founders:

Parent ProTech was founded by Drew Wooten, Brock Murphy, and and another friend. Drew graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and is now pursuing his MBA at the University of Dallas. The third co-founder attended the University of Arkansas and is working in the finance sector in New York City. Brock graduated from Texas A&M University and then worked in the White House, at SpaceX, and at Interstellar Lab. As young men who have grownup with technology, they know the importance of protecting young people online. Growing up, they would find the loopholes in whatever restrictions their parents put in place. With this background, they give a great perspective to help parents navigate this tech-centered world.

Next Steps:

To learn more about Parent ProTech and to register for our courses, please go to our website at Take the step with Parent ProTech today to begin setting up safeguards for your children.

Welcome to Parent ProTech

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