By: Bailey Duran

Happy January 2023 from Parent ProTech! The New Year is the perfect time to make goals and resolutions for the year that set you up for success. We believe knowing how to protect your children online sets them up for success, so if enrolling in Parent ProTech courses isn’t part of your New Year’s resolutions, we can help you change that.

There’s no better time to take the reins of your child’s screen time than after the Christmas season. New devices are by far the most popular Christmas wishlist item for children today, and it is so important to jump on setting restrictions while the devices are still new.

According to the technology website SellCell, 40% of parents bought iPhones for their children for Christmas 2019, and 30% found gaming consoles under their trees. Another study found that nearly half of children ages 6-12 have an iPad at the top of their Christmas list, with iPhones not trailing too far behind. The list is about the same for children over 13, but laptops also begin finding their way to the list in this age group.

In this age of technology, children younger and younger are getting their hands on devices in a way that was unfathomable only 15 years ago. Teaching children responsibility and setting up safeguards is key to guaranteeing healthy usage.

With all the possibilities offered on these devices – games, social media apps, ads, messaging, and more – it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about how to protect your children or to even know where to start. Inappropriate and dangerous content is only one click away on some of these platforms and apps, but there are ways to block these loopholes, ads, and more from targeting your child.

With Parent ProTech courses, we will teach you how to understand the devices and technology you’re giving to your kids, navigate social media platforms, and gaming consoles and set restrictions on these devices to keep your kids safe. We will show you how to block ads, inappropriate content, messaging, set time restrictions, and cultivate an atmosphere of safety for your child.

Parent Matthew Murray said, “I appreciate how Parent ProTech makes understanding the capabilities of platforms simple instead of scary. Parent ProTech does this by sharing how to use the parental controls available to promote trust and safety online while providing strategies to minimize the majority of threats. Parent ProTech is a must-have tool for parents with children going online.”

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution, and it’s not too late to protect your child while they’re online. Sign up for ParentProTech courses today!

New Year’s Resolution: Protect Your Children on Their Devices

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