By: Bailey Duran

Music is one of the easiest aspects of technology to overlook when it comes to online safety. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and more are readily available on any device, and songs, music videos and album art can be found and downloaded at the press of a button.
A few months ago, I was riding in the car with my ten-year-old sister when she pulled out her iPod and showed me a photo of one of our favorite singers. I asked her where she had found the photo, and she showed me how she was able to go from her personal playlist we created for her to find his entire profile, music library and photos from his albums with a press of a button.
I hadn’t even realized it was that easy to search and find information on artists on the music app. Leave it to a child to figure it out! While there was nothing wrong with the music or photo she had found of our favorite artist, it made me realize just how easily she could have stumbled upon something that wasn’t appropriate for her to hear or see.
Unrestricted access to music apps can allow children to see inappropriate images, whether those images are album covers, musician photographs or video footage from music videos. Additionally, so many people don't realize that the free version of Spotify offers NO restrictions for parents to keep their children safe from poor language, content, nudity, etc.
Music videos from many mainstream artists contain sexual or violent content that is not suitable for young children, along with explicit language and topics. Children can easily come across such images while browsing through music libraries or online music streaming services. Parents should be aware of the photos and images that are available in music libraries to ensure their children do not access inappropriate content.
Not only are explicit or inappropriate images a concern, but music has more of an influence on how we act and feel, more than many realize.
Music has a significant influence on people's behavior, particularly children. They are more susceptible to being influenced by what they hear and see in music videos.
Some music contains explicit language and themes, encourages self-harm or harm to others, rebellion against authority, inappropriate relationships and more that are not suitable for children.
Parents should be aware of the lyrics and images their children are exposed to in music and music videos to ensure they are appropriate for their age.
Music can have an impact on children's mental health. Certain types of music can trigger negative emotions, such as anxiety or depression. Children are particularly vulnerable to such effects. Parents should monitor the music their children listen to and ensure that it promotes positive values and has a positive impact on their mental health.
Parents should be aware of the music their children are listening to and the photos they can access in music libraries. It is essential to ensure that the music and images are appropriate for their age and promote healthy values and ideals, rather than ones that can lead to negative behavior and emotions.
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