With a background ranging from the White House and SpaceX, to social media strategy impacting millions, our team understands technology and the role it plays in influencing the next generation.

After receiving many questions from parents and families about how to keep their family safe online, our team united around that mission. In the constantly evolving world of social media and technology, we are monitoring the platforms and hardware used by children and youth to equip parents, educators, and young people to thrive online.

We are excited to share in this journey with you.

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The Parent ProTech Story

About Our Team

Brock Murphy


Brock graduated from Texas A&M University in 2020 with a degree in Agricultural Economics and has a strong background in entrepreneurship - starting his first company, a longhorn cattle operation, at the age of 12. Following graduation, he took a position at the White House in the Office of Management and Budget where he served in the Office of Federal Financial Management and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Following his time there, he went on to work at SpaceX in Brownsville, Texas. Brock is committed to preserving and protecting the future for our Nation’s youth and knows that Parent ProTech plays an important role in doing so.
Drew Wooten

Drew Wooten is a Mechanical Engineering student at Oklahoma State University and has a passion for all things related to technology. With strict parents growing up, Drew had a lot of boundaries set on his technology. He found that although his parents tried to control his tech usage, he could always find loopholes. Drew shares his talent for finding loopholes in digital parenting strategies to create air-tight tools for parents to utilize. Drew decided to share his expertise to help parents avoid the same situation his parents found themselves facing.

Joshua Adams

Creative Director

Joshua has a heart for people and their stories. As a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wofford College, he studied government, international relations, and digital media. His professional pursuits
have taken him from the White House and news outlets, to managing social media channels with 5+M subscribers. Along with his wife, Alexa, he loves traveling, reading, and spending time with their dog, Olive. He wants to equip families, teachers, and youth with the tools to thrive online.

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